Wood Cook Stoves are our specialty!

Stoves and More is an authorized dealer for airtight wood cook stoves such as Margin Stoves, maker of the Flame View, Margin Gem & Flame View Heater. Pioneer Stoves, maker of the Pioneer Princess & Bakers Choice & Pioneer Maid. We also carry Ashland/New Decade stoves. We have a wood cook stove for every budget!

 Because we lived among the Amish and Mennonite people for over 2 years we were privileged to use or own most of the stoves they make. One of the most important reasons we have chosen to sell these wood cook stoves is the fact that they are not grandma's old antique stove - they are all-purpose stoves with large air-tight and efficient fireboxes. In addition to cooking, these stoves are efficient enough to heat your home and can be plumbed to your home water system to heat your hot water! One stove will do it all! Triple duty out of the same firewood! To complete your stove installation, we sell high quality stove pipe for any application. Call us for details!