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Flame View Wood Heater

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The Flame View heater will economically heat your home, cook food and heat water!

This heater has all the quality of the Flame View wood cook stove. In addition, you will still get the state-of-the-art technology that the Flame View wood cook stove boasts. For example, the “air jet” re-burn design that more efficiently and thoroughly burns your wood and significantly cuts down on the amount of ash and creosote problems common in most airtight fireboxes.

The Flame View heater also offers many of the same option choices that the cook stove does. And of course, true to its name you will be able to watch the fire through the tempered glass in the firebox door!While you are relaxing in front of the fire you won’t have to worry about safety because the heater has been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratory, so you know it has met the codes required for the industry.

So, if you want to economically heat your home, water and cook your food and don’t think you would miss having an oven, then this is the stove for you!


  • Heating capacity of 1,800 square feet or more
  • Large, airtight firebox will take up to a 22 inch log for an all night burn
  • High-temperature glass firebox door lets you watch and enjoy the fire
  • Takes standard firebrick that is inexpensive and easy to replace and install
  • Dual bell draft supply for glass wash and fast start-up
  • Double-plated steel cook top for a strong and evenly heated cook top
  • Cast iron wood grate system
  • Exclusive “Air Jet” re-burn design
  • Large ash trays below grates for convenient ash removal
  • Porcelain exterior finish throughout, standard in black
  • Nickel plate trim
  • Ships with FREE Poker and ash scraper
  • Limited one-year warranty


  • Full warming closet or shelf
  • Cast iron top
  • Available in white, almond or black porcelain
  • Butter Plate Warmers on back splash (ornamental only)



Black/Nickel trim                  No back splash, no shelf, no closet $ 1365
Black/Nickel trim                  Shelf $ 1575
Black/Nickel trim                  Warming Closet $ 1825
White or Almond/nickel trim   No back splash, no shelf, no closet $ 1420
White or Almond/Nickel trim   Shelf $ 1680
White or Almond/Nickel trim   Warming closet $ 1966


Front flue $    72
Rear reservoir (14 gallon) $  182
Water Jacket (1/2) (for heating rear reservoir) $    80
Full Water Jacket $  110
Single water coil (for heating range boiler) $  110
Double water coil (for heating range boiler) $  160
Ornamental trivets for back splash (maple leaf design) $  116
Electric Fan and Controls $  365
Thermostat Control $  138
Nickel Legs $  138
Right hinge (left hinge standard no extra charge) $   30

West Virginia residents please add 6% sales tax.

Please contact us by telephone for shipping information and pricing. We need your zip code information before we can decide the most inexpensive way to get your new stove to you. Please note: our location does not affect your shipping costs. Due to increased shipping costs, all products are dropped shipped directly to you from the manufacturer.

Your new stove will be custom made! We will be glad to work with you over the phone as you put your order together. Please contact us for manufacturing and shipping times, which can vary within the different times of year. We will accept personal checks.


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