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You can benefit from our 10 years in business and 23 years living on a rural property using off grid products. Three of those years we lived non-electric among the Plain People.  Everyday we use what we sell. We are here to assist you or your installer; to share our knowledge and experience.


Country Property Consulting
We can help you navigate through the challenges of finding a country property that will be the right fit for you and your specific needs and goals: what to consider, what to avoid, what questions to ask and what will you need once you are out there.
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Alternative Energy System Consulting
Whether you want back up when the grid is down, a grid tie or to completely unplug, we can design a system that is right for you and your budget!
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Customer Service and Installation Consulting
We won’t forget you after the sale! You, your architect, contractor, well driller, or installer can call us with any questions regarding the installation of your purchases. We will be happy to help!
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If you can envision it, than we can help you build it. Tell us more about your project.

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