Rayviance Solar Water Heater

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In the past, most solar water heaters were based upon a 1976 Japanese patent which used a flat panel collector to catch the sun’s rays to heat water, then pump it through pipes to a storage tank. These systems are inefficient due to the fact that the sun’s rays bounce off the flat glass collector on the roof as well as causes significant heat loss when the water is pumped to the remote storage tank. This process results in the need for an electrical backup to keep the water heated, which means energy is used and not saved. Vacuum tube technology improved the collection of the sun’s rays and made the collectors more efficient, yet heat was still lost due to the need to pump the heated water to the remote location.

The Rayviance Water Heating System is designed to correct the inefficiencies of these early models. How did they do it? The patented Coaxial Multi-valve Vacuum Tube system uses a parabolic reflector beneath the collector tubes to catch the sun’s radiation from every possible angle and absorb the maximum radiation even on cloudy days. Then the high-tech, spherical storage tank is attached directly above the collector tube assembly so the hot water generated flows directly up into the tank by “Thermo-syphon”. Rayviance uses no electricity, pumps or moving parts.


Solar water heaters work by the phenomenon of “Thermo-syphon” natural convection circulating the hot water in the collector tubes into the insulated hot water tank above, (hot water is lighter, so it rises, while cold water is heavier, and therefore it sinks). No pumps or motors are involved. The cold water descends from the bottom of the storage tank to the bottom of the collector tubes where it is heated up by solar energy. The water rises up the panel as it heats then returns to the tank where it rises to the top of the tank ready for use. Cold water from the water feed line passes through the tank inside a heat exchange coil located inside the tank. The hot water in the tank transfers this solar generated heat to the water in the coil, resulting in hot water becoming available.


Rayviance incorporates a “pump free” thermo-syphon convection flow system with circulation paths that are efficient and offer the least amount of heat loss, i.e.

1: Shortest thermo-syphon loop, directly from panel to tank, no twists and turns;

2: No bottlenecks, freer flow through greater number of valves or feeder tubes into tank from panel, no sharing of a common manifold;

3: Minimum or zero horizontal run (hot water wants to go up, and cold water down not horizontally), etc.


In addition to a Grade 304 SUS stainless steel tungsten argon gas welded inner water tank, Rayviance utilizes the highest quality materials available for the outer tank casing and outer panel casing – Nickel Chrome mirror finish stainless steel 304 (Bright Annealed finish). The high reflectivity of nickel chrome mirror finish stainless steel ensures the great looking exterior finish will remain looking brand new for 15 years or longer without fading, tarnishing or cracking.

The high reflectivity casing prevents undue heat loss from the tank at night due to a low coefficient of heat radiation, much like the inside of a Thermos. This casing ensures that the water stays hot overnight.

An external supplemental heating unit can be installed for those exceptional days of high demand or consecutive days of poor weather. This system can eliminate or be used in tandem with an existing hot water storage tank.


Do Yourself installation (includes installation kit): 

T-10 $3213.00

T-20 $3753.00

T-30 $4050.00


Unit price (does not include installation kit or labor)

T-10 $2555.00

T-20 $2935.00

T-30 $3186.00


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